Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

SSCC is a bible based church called by God. Our mission is to build a strong church and empower our community. We believe that true ministries goes beyond the walls of the church and reaches to transform and rebuild its community.

Our Vision

 To teach and train people to be disciples of the Lord, Jesus Christ.
To uphold a high standard of morality, holiness, and righteousness.
To preach and teach informational, and inspirational messages that build Christian character and faith.
To follow the simple Word of God, and apply it to daily life.
To establish covenant relationships with our members and partnering churches.
To build a house where God is glorified in prayer, praise and free worship.
To provide guidance, support, and a moral compass for our community.
Contact / Location

Contact info

Address: 7710 Stockton Blvd,
Sacramento, CA 95823
Phone: (916) 681-6791

Gathering Times

First service 8:30 am
Foundation 9:15 am
Second service 10:30 am
Wednesday Noon
Wednesday 7pm

Events / Calendar